Tuned City @ Newcastle

Tuned City - Symposium and Screening Programme
BALTIC Project Space, BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne
(Symposium 19 & 20 September 2013; Screening Programme 21 & 22 September)

The programme will include contemporary and historical film and video works by: Clemens von Wedemeyer and Maya SchweizerSteven BallJennet ThomasRiccardo IaconoSarah DobaiBeatrice GibsonPatrick Keiller,Graham Ellard and Stephen JohnstoneWilliam EnglishCédrick EymenierAnne TallentireNeil Beloufa.

Tuned Cities: Screening Programme
Framed by Eleanor Wright’s exhibition Thin Cities at Gallery North, this two-day event presents the work of artists whose practices' explore themes of architecture and transformation.
To be lifted to the summit of the World Trade Centre is to be lifted out of the city's grasp.” - Michel de Certeau, The Practice of Everyday Life
High-rise brand-focused developments have become the corporate building type for an increasingly global industry and architecture. Eleanor Wright's current project, Thin Cities showing at Gallery North until 17 October, made following a year-long fellowship with BxNU Institute of Contemporary Art examines the socio-political, architectural and visual discourse surrounding these constructions and questions their relationship to cities and people.
This collaborative event, curated with Sam Watson (CIRCA Projects), will expand on themes of the exhibition via a programme of contemporary and historical film and video work.
The works selected have been chosen to correspond with themes that will be explored within the two-day symposium, also presented at BALTIC 39. The program will address the importance of visualising and critiquing imagined worlds in order to better understand realities of the present. The selected works explore this through allegorical representations of architecture, and the built environment operating as an expression of social and political ideals.
Over the last few years the precise question of what should be privately owned and publicly shared in society has animated intense political struggles and social movements around the world. In this shadow the works in this screening offer models of practice and interrogate diverse sites, from the body, to the river, to the server, to the museum.